In case you missed it

Kevin Lee fights Al Iaquinta this weekend. Lee is a stud, but I got Al.

Askren/Lawler? Spoiler: We’re going to see Askren wrestle Robbie to death, get a decision win, then act like he’s the greatest fighter in the world, when we all know he’s not fighting Robbie in his prime. I’ve seen this show so many times, not sure if I’m ready for the rerun.

Want another spoiler? Adesanya is going to beat Anderson Silva, drop to his knees in front of him with the prayer hands, then… You know the rest.

Is Max the greatest featherweight of all time? Wasn’t Aldo champ for several years? This question is a little bit premature. The answer is no.

McDonald/Fitch? I had a flashback of Rory v Robbie when T-City was getting smashed by Max. The violent, non-surgical rearrangement of your face should end with a nice long rest, and Rory experienced another one of those in his fight with Gegard. Just rest, Rory. Become an engineer. An accountant. I don’t know, some sort of desk molesting position should be in his future because his nose can’t take it.

I think I saw on a Kung Fu movie that if you hit a person the right (or wrong) way on the nose, you can send a bone right up to his brain and kill him. I’m just saying.

Cain teases a return. What’s the point of the tease? If he can get his back fixed enough to last one round with Tuivasa or god forbid, JDSx4, then he can make some money. DC is retiring, so there’s no chance of them meeting in the Octagon. Why tease us? There’s probably a contract with UFC with a few fights left, so get some injections, some muscle relaxants or whatever and come make this money!

Alex says Jon Jones is insecure. Insecure is the wrong word here. Alex sees something, some unusual behavior being exhibited, but that might have more to do with the absence of injections and muscle relaxants.

GSP says he has no interest in a fight with Anderson Silva. However, if Silva manages to beat Adesanya and gets a title shot (lol) what will GSP have to say then? I imagine he’ll find a way to slide into the picture.

And finally, Dana punches down. He went in on Oscar and his Golden Boy MMA promotion. He even put Chuck’s money out there. It was an unnecessary, strong punch down, which made no sense. Funny though,  because MMA fans think fighters don’t get paid and they do. We only see disclosed figures. I don’t have any patience with the subset of fans who keep the night’s watch on fighters paychecks; I just like to watch fights. And with the number of kids these guys have, they travel, train, sometimes on Embedded you see the houses and cars, come on. Nobody’s starving. The young ones trying to make it might be sleeping on the gym floor, yes. But the rest are doing just fine.


Future of TUF

What’s the plan for TUF going forward? Are they keeping the same format? I hope not. I like the fights to get into the house and the whole tournament aspect of it. But I don’t care for the pranks and house cleaning drama perpetuated by grown men.

Ok, some of it is funny.

Remember season 1 when Chris Leben was drunk and halfway passed out on the ground and Kosscheck and some other dude put the water hose on him? In that same season, Chuck  and Kosscheck forced some dude in the sauna and kept him in there by blocking the door.

Or like in season 5, the guys came back to the house after training and saw some writing on the wall (literally!) that told them to “suck it.” Suck what, inquired young Nathan, as he not so calmly removed his t-shirt. Good times.

What season was that when Rampage was coach and he kept calling one dude out for his uh, excess upper body fat?

There was a season when Roy Nelson was coaching. He made his team draw straws to determine the next fight. I hated that season. And who can forget the plaintive wail, “let me bang, bro.”

What about the season with Junie? They really need to screen for ridiculous alcoholics.

The season with Chael and Jon Jones. They paired a short dude and a tall dude and after a lot of crying, the short dude got a knee. KTFO

Also in that season, we met Uriah Hall. He terrorized everyone in the house, especially Bubba. He was so scared, he went to the doctor, thought his kidneys were shutting down. They were not.

And of  course, the season with Frankie and BJ.

That’s all I remember from TUF and they had about 30 seasons.





When you lose to the #14 ranked fighter, your days of being a contender might be over. You fight to pay the bills now.

Strange humility on display last night. Was that humility or lost confidence? Seems JJ lost more than the belt in those battles with Rose. She’s still a contender, but certainly not at 125, and according to all the smart people, she was killing herself cutting to 115. So now what? With the intimidation factor gone, she’s become a former champ who the up-and-coming fighters want to knock off.

Dana wants Max at 155. I would like him to fight Frankie next then do whatever he wants. Hasn’t he cleaned out the division? And I don’t care about anyone being too big for any particular weight class – they all are. That’s part of the game. But will he be a contender at 155?

Val is going to be champ for a long time, or at least until her sister rises in the ranks. Women’s fly is not exciting at all. The weight class consists of a bunch of people from TUF and others who couldn’t break through at 135. Speaking of which, Val is still obsessed with Amanda, because she realizes she is the champ over a bunch of people from TUF and others…..

And yeah, my picks were trash, but good on my boy Santos for dealing with Manuwa. Manuwa is another who says he won’t fight a friend and teammate, Gus, who is indeed a contender. Why not go the DC route and take yourself out of the weight class if it bothers you so much? Because he can’t drop to 185 and he can’t go up to heavyweight? That’s everybody’s problem. Go train at Jackson Winks. I hear they have room for new people all the time.



UFC 231 is here. My picks:

T-City by Chaos

Joanna by Chaos. Whoever wins will be champ for quite awhile. Women’s fly is like Men’s 205 – there’s Gus and Jones and no one else. If Joanna wins, she’ll be asking for another shot at the straw weight belt. The Superfight nobody wants.

Cowboy Oliveira by sub

Marreta by KO

Claudia by whatever. I’m not high on Nina Ansaroff.


Eryk Anders, why not?

Dhiego Lima for old times sake.




Didn’t somebody say there are levels to this game?

There are levels, my friend.

I was rooting for all the Australians and they all lost. Mark Hunt, at one point, decided he’d just get his money and go home. That fight was only marginally better than Lewis v Ngannou. And he had nothing to say to his people after the fight. Very disappointed in Hunto tonight.

What is wrong with Tyson Pedro, losing to Shogun at this very late stage in his career? Shogun? Levels. Pedro will be back. They’ll give him Villante or Smilin’ Sam. Losing to Shogun  with all his mileage is unacceptable.

Tai Tuivasa got caught. The lights went out for a moment and JDS rained down some sloppy ground and pound. Tai protested at the stoppage, but he was done. No reason for a young guy to take so much damage. Get your shoey and go home.

JDS out here talking about fighting Overeem again. Or Cain.





What I learned tonight

That these guys who decide to go up in weight (or go down in weight) because of devastating losses always hit a wall. RDA did tonight, which led the commentators to wonder if he’s going back down to 155. He looked demoralized in between rounds. Just like Holloway is going to look when T-City gets ahold of that neck.

Antonina Shevchenko won, but that was a boring fight. I’m still waiting for her to show off some Muay Thai.

Women’s TUF champ was crowned. What are the odds they stay in the featherweight division? Throw that whole division away. There’s Cyborg and Anderson and that’s it. I think GdR and Holly are better at 135.

Will Usman get a title shot? Dana was like, maybe. He was impressed after that domination of RDA. I think Ponzinibbio gets the next shot, or they make Usman v Ponz first. RDA might go back to 155 or get Perry at 170. That’s a fight he can win.

Caraway got TKO’d by a phantom liver kick.  How is he still in the UFC?


In case you missed it

MMA is something. Most of the time, the person who should win a fight (on paper) actually wins the fight. But it’s the chaos we keep coming back for.

I am here for the chaos.

Speaking of which, why does RDA keep talking about a title shot? He’s not fighting for the title when he can’t even get past Colby Covington. Usman is getting his hand raised this weekend.

Sage is kinda sorta cut. Why? He’s not very exciting, but the Sage and Paige show was never about fighting skills, was it? And he liked marketing himself as an extremely muscular Ken doll. He’s always on social media in various action figure poses. And flexing on airplanes. Hmm.

Some people are still crying over Chuck’s body. You know, Rachael Ostovich got into a real violent altercation back at the house and she just got cleared to fight. That’s a little bit more disturbing to me than Chuck cashing a 250K pay check.

Dana White said nobody cared about those flyweights. He’s not wrong, but the problem was that DJ was boring. He even had a commercial with the also boring Sage/Ken doll. Dude. I actually like Henry Cejudo, and was rooting for him to beat DJ. I thought that win would help move the division to some exciting fights. But now who knows.

UFC Adelaide: Tuivasa, Hunt, Pedro, Craig, Reis, Kara-France.

TUF Finale: Usman. I want to see Antonina Shevchenko in a real fight, and I’m not sure if this will be much of a challenge, considering she’s hyped as being a Muay Thai champ.  And that’s all I care about from that card.


Tito finally beats Chuck

He beat Chuck when there was nothing at stake. No made up title, ranking, no bragging rights. Come on, Chuck is near 50 and nowhere near the fighter he used to be.

Lots of folks are tweeting about how sad the whole thing was. Why so sad? These dudes fight for money and they know the risks.

I didn’t watch it – I wasn’t interested in seeing those two fight, and I watch everything! Tito keeps active these days, but Chuck just looked old in all the promotional pics. And he walks funny. He has always walked funny, but has he injured his hip or something? 50 is really not that old, why is he walking like a 75 year old?

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is going to fight Israel Adesanya (what a great name). Those people crying over old Chuck better have the tissues ready.