Watch the newest Legend battle off hordes of killer robots deep within King’s Canyon. …

Apex Legends Season 5 - Loba

As revealed last week, Respawn Entertainment’s next addition to the Apex Legends roster is Loba Andrade. Orphaned at a young age thanks to the assassin Revenant, Loba has grown up to become a skillful thief and combatant. But how does he enter the Apex Games exactly? The launch trailer for Season 5: Fortune’s Favor answers that question.

It also provides some rather uncomfortable answers. Revenant, for instance, seems to have a “real” body but multiple copies buried deep in King’s Canyon. In trying to destroy it, Loba ends up causing a huge chasm to appear and finds herself thrust into the competition.

We do see some of her abilities in play though, like throwing a disc to teleport to a distant location and stealing guns from a distance with her staff. Expect to see an actual gameplay trailer closer to the season’s launch. Season 5: Fortune’s Favor starts on May 12th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC So stay tuned.

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