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Jim Crane: “I don’t think I should be held accountable”


Houston Astros Media Availability Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane wants to make sure everyone knows the scandal that has roiled his team and tainted their championship isn’t his fault

Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros, whose cheating and sign-stealing has given rise to a scandal that has roiled major league baseball, wants everyone to know that none of this is his fault.

In speaking with the media today, he deflected blame from the players as it relates to the responsibility that is borne for the cheating scandal, saying that the problem was with leadership, not the players.

As the owner, as the leader of the entire organization, Crane would seem to be indicted as part of the leadership that failed the players. That would seem to be obvious.

Crane, however, disagrees:

(Ed. note — I initially typed the above as “Crane, however, disappears”, which would probably be better right now)

Jim Crane also indicated that he doesn’t think the sign-stealing tainted the World Series or impacted the game.

So there you go, folks.