Best nights

The UFC had a great night last night. The very best ones are when the favorites don’t win, and everyone is shook. Like that night when TJ, Rose, and GSP won. I can watch that 10 times in a row. Or when TJ beat Cody again and Cejudo beat DJ. Good stuff.

The UFC is moving to ESPN in 2019. I just hope they dont change certain aspects of the viewing experience.

Don’t change Embedded. I like watching the fighters travel around the world, doing what they love. If anything, make the episodes longer.

Keep The Contender series.

Keep TUF but make some changes to the format. More training and fighter prep. No more house shenanigans because I really don’t care.



Great night for two champions

Amanda Nunes shocked the world and knocked out Cyborg. I’m watching the press conference and now I think she just created some drama. Dana wasn’t stoked about a rematch, and now Amanda is saying the same thing. Is Cyborg getting run out of the UFC? This is how it ended with DJ too. I think this is the end of the 145 division. Dana keeps teasing that they have some great stuff in store, maybe Cyborg will be the first Zuffa Boxing star?

Jon Jones is a legit villain. He is the villain of the UFC. Fantastic. What if his drug test comes back with more questionable results? I have a hard time feeling angry about this, or feeling any kind of way at all. They seem content to have him emerge as a very dark character in this show, and  I’m here for the chaos.

Besides, everyone meets the wall at some point.

Chiesa submitted Condit. Not prime Condit, but the one who is now fighting to keep the coffee shop open and feed the kids. There comes a time in a man’s life… Anyway, Chiesa is so happy he didn’t cut weight and would now like to chase a belt. I wonder if he has RDA’s phone number?

We heard from Gus, will Cyborg join the press conference? Yes, she just arrived.


UFC 232 post fight

Cyborg is up. She wants to know why they didn’t let her talk after the fight. Maybe because she was knocked out?

She has one fight left on the contract. I really doubt we see her fight in the Octagon again. This is a DJ rerun. She was a dominant champ with no competition. Tonight’s events just opened up some new possibilities for all the women at 135.

Now I’m waiting for Jon. Which one shows up, the sinner or the saint?

The saint. All glory to God for all these blessings and he lov-

The villain just showed up. Said Daniel was never the 205 champ, and certainly not the Champ Champ, and if he wants the belt he needs to come down and beat him.

He was tested by two agencies today. Passed polygraphs.

I don’t like or dislike Jones, but the truth is that this is a mental game as well as a physical game. He held it together despite all the distractions of the week, he is most definitely the champ. For how long, we don’t know.



UFC 232 Prelims

Uriah Hall won, but he’s not looking so good. Should have knocked out that youngster early. And that wasn’t even the featured bout.

Ryan Hall went for a leg lock. Shocker. I guess if you have one great move you use it. Often. Ask Ronda Rousey.

Cat got kicked in the eye and that was a wrap. I think it was either Greg Jackson or Winklejohn who got a nasty eye injury after receiving a toe to the face. Torn cornea? Go look it up. He’s coaching now.


UFC 232 Weigh ins

Uriah Hall is looking old. What happened?

Ariany is not available? What happened? She couldn’t make it to LA on short notice?

Ryan Hall is looking as inscrutable as ever. BJ is still BJ. I want to see them tie each other up like a pretzel.

Silva de Andrade looks like a killer. Shredded and savage.

Megan Anderson is a big girl. She needs to campaign for that Cyborg fight because, why not? And here comes Cat. I hope she doesn’t catch a knee like that short dude on TUF.

Chad Mendes had psoriasis and the treatment was HGH cream. Remember that?

Latifi  is going to end this fight early.

Is the backward hat still a thing? Chiesa is annoying.

I’m ready for the fights.




2018 goes out with a punch

Another fight week is here for the UFC, and a lot of fans are disgusted by the latest chapter in the ongoing drama – these are the days of our lives.

I love watching fights; I’m a hardcore fan. But I can’t join the mob saying, you’re a scumbag, a bum, etc. There are some egregious cases, sure (Brock), but in the case with Jon, we’re talking about picograms of some substance. Pico?

Does the UFC understand their audience? They are not going to have any understanding of picograms of an illegal substance. And by understanding, I mean that they do not have any patience at all for positive test results, whether it’s a pico, mico, juko, or bamboozo. It’s all a sham to us.

So. Why was all that detail released to the public?  Required by Nevada? I thought there was a new rule in effect regarding positive tests not being released to the public? If the pico was not significant, the Commission and the drug czars should have had a conversation, then decided on a reasonable solution.

This doesn’t damage the brand, but there are lots of hurt feelings (and lost money). How to fix this? By putting on a great night of fights.

My picks:

Uriah Hall. He’s on Fightpass now?


Penn v Hall? I don’t care who wins, just want to see that fight. Here’s an idea: several fighters are, if you believe Joe Rogan, high level Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Very High Level. I want to see some of that in the Octagon. Pair up these phenoms more regularly.

Anderson v Cat? Cat is so herky jerky, should be a weird fight. Holly won by wrestling, and is def not a wrestler, so hopefully the Cat has taken notes.

Arlovski for kicks. I love him, but my dude is getting old. Just don’t let this youngster break your soft palate in half.

Condit better find his NBK with Chiesa. Sub please.

Cyborg has been beating up on bantamweights for quite some time, and we all should be tired of this gimmick. Clearly we are not, so here we go again. I’m rooting for Amanda. She can join DC, Whitaker, GSP and Connor (among others), as fighters who went up in weight and snatched a belt.

Jon v Gus? I was rooting for Jon before the latest controversy. Not because I’m a huge Jon Jones fan, but because I think he still has IT. That thing champs have. Desire, focus, ability, heart – and in the middle of all the distractions, does he still have it? I say yes. Jones will get a split. Then if we’re lucky he’ll go full Carnage on us and call out DC.




The hurt business

This really is the Hurt Business. Kevin Lee, Dan Hooker, Sergio Pettis, Valerie Letourneau, and King Mo (among others) left their respective arenas quite hurt indeed.

Kevin Lee left with some real hurt feelings. It was a good fight. The 1st was competitive, he won (arguably, due to takedowns) the 2nd and 3rd. What won it for Al was that he closed the show with some thrilling standup in the last two rounds. Then he yelled in Lee’s face, pulling a TJ. He did that. He knocked the house down and everybody knew it. Bruce Buffer – rrrrrrrrrRaging Al Iaquinta! And the slow raise of Al’s arm. Beautiful.

Dan Hooker left with possibly a compromised liver, thanks to Barboza. I’m still not convinced. Yeah, he’s a good striker and has great kicks when he can land them, but he ain’t beating no wrestlers who can take him down and keep him down. Hooker’s decision to turn into the NZ Zombie (not the killing kind, just an undead, human punching bag) made Barboza look like Sugar Ray. Who, by the way was looking great at the Canelo fight.

Barboza just beat the #14, Lee lost to #8. They might be the new top 5 gatekeepers. Al is officially in the mix.

Is Sergio a contender at 135? I think he left with some hurt feelings too.

Letourneau had size over Ilima Lei, but her grappling was no bueno. She looked like one of those having their fighting debut. Also, I’m sure she wanted to join the group of  former UFC fighters who signed with Bellator and snatched some belts. Not tonight.

Should we even talk about King Mo? KTFO. Now he’s thinking about changing weight classes. Don’t do it.


In case you missed it

Kevin Lee fights Al Iaquinta this weekend. Lee is a stud, but I got Al.

Askren/Lawler? Spoiler: We’re going to see Askren wrestle Robbie to death, get a decision win, then act like he’s the greatest fighter in the world, when we all know he’s not fighting Robbie in his prime. I’ve seen this show so many times, not sure if I’m ready for the rerun.

Want another spoiler? Adesanya is going to beat Anderson Silva, drop to his knees in front of him with the prayer hands, then… You know the rest.

Is Max the greatest featherweight of all time? Wasn’t Aldo champ for several years? This question is a little bit premature. The answer is no.

McDonald/Fitch? I had a flashback of Rory v Robbie when T-City was getting smashed by Max. The violent, non-surgical rearrangement of your face should end with a nice long rest, and Rory experienced another one of those in his fight with Gegard. Just rest, Rory. Become an engineer. An accountant. I don’t know, some sort of desk molesting position should be in his future because his nose can’t take it.

I think I saw on a Kung Fu movie that if you hit a person the right (or wrong) way on the nose, you can send a bone right up to his brain and kill him. I’m just saying.

Cain teases a return. What’s the point of the tease? If he can get his back fixed enough to last one round with Tuivasa or god forbid, JDSx4, then he can make some money. DC is retiring, so there’s no chance of them meeting in the Octagon. Why tease us? There’s probably a contract with UFC with a few fights left, so get some injections, some muscle relaxants or whatever and come make this money!

Alex says Jon Jones is insecure. Insecure is the wrong word here. Alex sees something, some unusual behavior being exhibited, but that might have more to do with the absence of injections and muscle relaxants.

GSP says he has no interest in a fight with Anderson Silva. However, if Silva manages to beat Adesanya and gets a title shot (lol) what will GSP have to say then? I imagine he’ll find a way to slide into the picture.

And finally, Dana punches down. He went in on Oscar and his Golden Boy MMA promotion. He even put Chuck’s money out there. It was an unnecessary, strong punch down, which made no sense. Funny though,  because MMA fans think fighters don’t get paid and they do. We only see disclosed figures. I don’t have any patience with the subset of fans who keep the night’s watch on fighters paychecks; I just like to watch fights. And with the number of kids these guys have, they travel, train, sometimes on Embedded you see the houses and cars, come on. Nobody’s starving. The young ones trying to make it might be sleeping on the gym floor, yes. But the rest are doing just fine.